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Spooky Swimwear.

"Well if I'm going to spend the rest of my existence as an inanimate object, I want to be a girl's swim suit!"

"Done!" replies the Soul Man. You flop to the ground, now a black swim suit. Even though you don't have eyes you can see your old body, now possesed by the ghost. "Enjoy your new life - if it is one!" he says, as he turns away.

"HEY!!" you call, even though you don't have a mouth anymore "You can't just leave me lying here! I can't move!"

"Don't worry. Someone will find you and pick you up." says the ghost "By the way, nobody can hear you until they put you on!". Laughing to himself, the evil spirit in your body walks out of the castle, leaving you on the cold flagstone floor.

Written by AndrewAnorak

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