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At least Jennifer only wanted to steal your stories...

"I am glad you came." says the soul man.

"Why?" you ask.

"Look at me!"wails the ghost "I am without a body, even without a face! I will take your body and your face, and imprison your soul, which I cannot take, in an inanimate object forever!"

"Why me?" you cry.

"The position of the full moon, combined with the electrical charges of the thunderstorm, has allowed me to appriate. I cannot manifest myself unless those conditions are met. This is the first time mortals have ventured into this place at that time."

"Well why not Jennifer?"

"Oh come on!" replies the ghost "This website has more than enough sex changes as it is!"

"That's true." you admit.

"In exchange for your mortal form, I will let you choose the object your soul will inhabit."

Written by AndrewAnorak, shamelessly breaking the fourth wall

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