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Tricked, yet again. You are SO gullible.

You grab the first item you see, a small Boston Creme donut. "Mmm, love these," you say. You eat it in 3 bites. You pop a few snack-sized cakes into your mouth, one by one. "Man, this is way too easy," you think.

You eat a few more, and lick your lips. The screen catches your eye; it says "1".

"The leprechaun is trying to trick me," you think. "I have a few mniutes left, easily." You eat two more cakes, leaving 4 cakes and 6 donuts in the box. You see the counter's reached zero, but rest. Your stomach's a little full, but you can eat. You turn back to the box... and find your food's a bit bigger than you thought.

"Eyes playing tricks," you say, but after downing a slightly bigger donut in two bites, it appears the food has again grown, a bit quicker this time. "Man, what's up here?" you think.

You take a snack-cake, and it's no longer a one-bite food. "What?" you think, as with your bite, grows both your food on the table and your stomach (swelled a bit already, without you noticing).

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