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He quickly stops it. "OK, Wolfie, if you're so mad, I'll give ye a challenge to fight it."

"OK, fine." Your gut sinks back into your abdomen. The scenery changes, you're now in a fairly large room with a small table.

"Laddie, ye have a task in front of you." He conjures up a slightly larger-than-normal size box of donuts and snack-cakes. "Ye must get through this box of food, leaving not a crumb."

"Man, this looks TOO easy..." you think, wondering if the leprechaun has anything up his sleeve. Just as you think that, a large electronic timer comes up on the screen. All it displays is "5".

You count the food items in the box. There seem to be about 10 of each, cakes and donuts. "No problem, I can eat this in 5 minutes..."

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