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Somebody's tied up in my bed!

"Do not worry, Sir" you reply "I am no theif. My name is..Puss in Boots!"

"And where are they, then?" questions Papa Bear, glancing at your bare footpaws.

"At the cobblers, being repaired" you reply, holding your foot out. "Anyway, me and my assistant, Puff the Magic Dragon, have been hot on the trail of the notorious housebreaker, Goldilocks.". Thank goodness Jennifer's a blonde.

"She's back here??" cries a shocked Baby Bear.

"Never fear, my lad." you say with a smile. "We have captured her. She's tied up upstairs. Puff squashed himself into the doorway to prevent her escaping.". You beckon for the bears to follow and tell Roger/Puff to wait outside.

When Jennifer sees the bears she's terrified, and sinks back into the bed with fear. "She's a lot bigger that I remember!" says Baby Bear "What are we going to do with her?"

Written by AR Jackson

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