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The Three Bears

"AHH!! SOMEONE'S PULLING MY TAIL!" cries Roger from downstairs.

"Wait here, Jennifer" you tell her, even though she doesn't have any choice.

You go down to where the fat dragon in stuck. "Who's there?" you call.

"We're the bears who live here!" replies a gruff deep voice. "What's this scaily lardball doing stuck in our front door?"

"I'll help get him out!" you reply. Seeing some butter, you grease up the door frame. Then you tell Roger to try to back out at the same time the bears pull on his tail, while you push from inside.

You all heave and heave until Roger plops outside. The three bears emerge from behind Roger and Papa Bear marches up to you.

"What were you doing in our house?" he demands "Are you a cat burgular?"

Written by AR Jackson

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