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what now

well you and ash look at each other and decide to combine your attacks so they could beat the snake thing and the rock thing too.

well the battle continued for servile hours no one was given in and both teams pok'emon were badly hurt .

yout leg is hurting bad where the snake bit you and ash was hurt too with a cut across the snout.

the other team had its own set of problems both of there pok'emon were badly hurt as well.

the judge was about to stop us when misty showed up and looked at you.

she throws a red flag on the field and then one on me.

she then bows at the wizard who was judgeing the match.

misty then spoke this pok'emon can not compeate for he had or has no ideas of how to fight enchanted pokemon .

i will take his place anad he will take mine.

you look a bit taken back from this turn of events.

the judge points at ash what about him.

he knows the rules and besides he owes me a bike any way.

the judge agree's he waves his hands and then poof a lot of smoke filled the arena then there istood i was in misty's body and now she was a pokemon like i was.

as i still looked confussed the judge states that if you lose pointing at me the man in misty's body will be tramsfprmed in to a sex slave for the winner.

if there team wins misty will return to her body and you will be transformed in to a very sexy very horney girl.

the judge pointing at you and you will never be able to return back to the man you were.

damn you think im a girl one way or the other.

you did not know which was worse being a sex slave or being a sexy girl who all she would care about would be sex.

you wave your hand at the judge wait a minute you mean to tell me if we lose i become a sex slave and if we win i become a sexy girl who will be so horny i might as well be a sex slave.

all i want to do is be me again and get out of this crazy place and go home.

since i been here i been turnd in to a snake a statue of a snake then i freed my self and then was turned in to a pokemon and now im misty. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! you say as sternly as misty could put it.

the judge looks at you. in all my years no one has ever stood up to a powerful wizard judge.

i rule that if your team wins you will be turnd back in to you and will be sent home as you.

and may you have a good life. but if you lose you become a horny sex slave willing to do any thing any one wants you to do agreed?

NO!!! you say.


it's not right and you know just turn me back in to me.

mean while the tourment was going on behind you. you hear cry then a wimper misty pokemon was dead .

what now the wizard ask you. you cant return now your transformed body is dead and so is misty now you are stuck as her

but you will be no prize but you must leave now. you walk out takeing misty's pack with you leaving ash to his fate.

Written by c.d. morrison

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