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turn around

you simply could not do it you could not leave ash nor the witch

it was all wrong.

you turn around walk in the middle of the field and wave your hand and yelled NO!!! im not gonna be misty nor a pokemon nor any one else.

nither is ash or the witch we were all turned in to something because of you for your amusement.

misty died because of you and you say im stuck in her body thats not true.

you see my name is realy david banner and now im gentting anger and you won't like me when i'm angry.

your eyes turn green and your skin turns green and then ARRRROARRR!!! the hulk stood there and jumped up to the wizard.

with one blow the wizard's head came off and a muppet head apperad it was that nutty wizard from sesmie street.

your still the hulk but you start to laugh and return to normal

your now david banner and now the dead pokemon changes in to misty and she is alive now then ash changed but insted of ash he was now a peanutbutter sandwich.

misty manages to get ash away from you before you took a bite.

misty says NO!! bad david hulk .

you smile and put ash down the muppet wizard was now out of the other wizard's body then out pops that muppet cheif

then bert and ernere and miss piggy and gonzo as well as elmo. grover animal and all of the others poped out of that headless body .you think wtf then they all come over to you

and say thank you.

groover ask you wheres big bird?

your hungry from being the hulk you see ash as a sandwich you pick ash up and start to take a bite

Written by c.d. morrison

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