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Mind over magic

You don't want to be a giant mindless zombie! Clutching your head, you start to think of all the people dear to you - your family, friends and collegues at the news office. You think of your own familar world back home, the one Morganna wants to enslave! Then you think of your newest and unlikeliest friend Troggie. Then you think of Kalibyrn, the dragon in distress that sent you on this mission...

Thinking of the dragon gives you the final boost you need to overcome Morganna's power. With a mighty yell you get up and smash the magic device with your fist!

"You can't hold me, physically or mentally!" you say, getting to your feet "I'm too big for your evil magic to work on me!"

"Ah, but I still hold Kalibyrn's spark!" replies Morganna as you see a troll carry the old lamp with the dragonfire trapped inside. "Unless you surrender to me, I shall draw out the light from the flame, and your dragon freind shall forever be a mindless slave! I can do it right now, in an instant!What will it be, giant? Your freedom, or his!"

Written by AndrewAnorak

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