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You wake up

You wake up to see you are on a very big table. You see chains all over you. You look over to see all your cloths are gone and now you have a cloth raped around your waist. Your shirt, pants, shoes and socks are gone. You just have a dinky little thing hiding your private parts. You turn to see Morganna at the door. " Ahh, I see you are awake," Morganna said. " What are you going to do to me?" you ask. " Well that is a little secret you will soon find out," Morganna said. You start to get angery and start to fight the chains. You break the chains and get up. You raise your giant foot and crush two trolls close to yourself. " Such a temper," Morganna said," Oh well all will be right in a couple of seconds." Morganna points something at you and you become stiff, you can't move and you fall back onto the bed. " What are you going to do?" you ask. " I am going to brain wash you and make you into my slave so I can take over the world," Morganna said. Morganna pointed the ray at you. Suddenly you feel tingely your brain starts to be drained. You try to move but you can't do anything...

Written by Bill

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