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its fight time

"lets fight him after all we got him out numbered" you say the Leperchaun and werejackle said " agreed " so the werejackle attacked from the left , the Leperchaun attacked from the right and you did a frontal attackand you and the werejackle clawed the man with the gun and then then man said "stop please have mercy i only have 1 bullet so please have mercy" and you said "fine we only came to cut the chains off and we did so if i was you i be a good boy and get out our way" you grabbed his gun and bend it in a spiral form making it useless to fire and the man ran for his life and the Leperchaun said "well that was easy" and the werejackle said " yeah and i cant belive you managed to bend that gun easlily im surprised " and you said well werewolfs do have super strength so it explains why i easily bent the gun easily anyway we better get moving" and the Leperchaun said " agreed we must move out and since i like you ill give you 2 more wishs ok" and then you said " really wow thanks thats great thanks" and the werejackle said " cmon we got to keep moving quickly" and you said " ok ok keep your fur on" and you , the Leperchaun and the werejackle kept moving all the way to a lake the Leperchaun said "why not we make camp here im tired already" but then werejackle said "no we must keep moving who know what will happen here at night" you must settle the tie you got to choose 1 which 1 should you pick?

Written by bladra

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