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He tries to deny the wish

"Crud! I just used my last wish!" You yell.

You and the were jackle are looking down at the leprachaun. He seems to be struggling with something inside himself. He falls to the floor and starts rolling around trying to concure an invisible beast. After a while, he stands up and takes a deep breath.

"Are..... you okay?" You say to him softly.

"No thanks to you laddie!" He says harshly.

"What just happend?" the were Jackle said.

"I denyed the wish. sometimes, if you make a stupid enough mistake, leprechauns can deny a wish, but it takes alot out of ye."

"So, do I still have a wish?" I asked.

"IS ALL YE CARE ABOUT YE STUPID WISH'S!" The leprechaun yelled.

"I was just asking." you mumble.

"But yes." He sat down looking exauhsted. "You do still have one wish."

You sigh in relief. Maybe you could save it for later. But you had an idea on what you wanted to wish for. You picked up the leprechaun and set him on your shoulder. Since he seemed to tired to walk. He seemed gratefull. You walk for a bit, while you try to break the chains yourself. you finally find a house with a saw sticking out of a log. You quickly borrow it, and free you, the jackle, and the leprachaune from the chains. You carfully saw through the cuffs. Your now completley free from cages and chains. You rub you sore wrists, and see the others do the same.

"Now that were free," You say.

"You'd like your last wish, is that right." the leprechaun interupted.

"Well, yeah." You look over at the were-jackal. "I've been thinking about what you said, if we stayed chained up for long, that i'd become a were like him to. I decided that wouldn't be to bad. So I wish I was a werewolf, but i could change between wolf, half human half wolf, and human. And I'd always have a muscular figure like this." You say.

"All right laddie, here we go." He waves his hands around and points at you. You feel diffrent, your sight is clearer, and you can hear and smell better. But your still human.

"What went wrong?" you say.

"You can change between wolf and human, give it a go." the leprachun said. The jackal just sat back and watched.

You think inside your head about being half wolf, half human. You close your eyes, and feel your body shifting. You feel a tail sprout from your rear, and tear through your jeans. you feel fur grow, and your feet lengthen, so you stand on the ball of your foot. Your facer elongated into a muzzle, your ears move to the top of your head and become pointed and furry. You also feel short, sharp, black claws grow from your hands and feet. When you think your done, you open your eyes. You look down at yourself. Your a wolf man! It's amazing, but at that time, the guy who owns the house comes out and starts yelling and screaming at you, but he has a gun. You now have a choice, stay and fight him, or run away.

Written by wolfy

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