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Troggie shows you

Troggie and you walk towards the giant room where all the shrunk people are being packaged. Troggie opened the door. You look in awe to see all the shrunk teenagers. "There must be thousands of them," you said. " Yep," Troggie said. " Please, don't drop me, I just want to go home," you said. " I won't," Troggie said. A Troggle walked up the stairs and towards them. " Hey Troggie," the troll said. " Hi," Troggie said. " Lets go," you said. Troggie turned and started to walk. Troggie didn't see the door and walked right into it.Troggie dropped you. You hit the floor and rolled down the stairs closer to the packaging line. " Troggie," you yell. You turn to run and are stomped down on by a troll, a giant troll to you. The troll sat down and lift his foot towards his face. "What do we have here?" the troll said. The troll pulled you off of his sticky foot and you start to get scared.

Written by Bill

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