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Please get off

"Please get off, you are hurting me," you say. "I can't," the troll says, " by the way, my name is Troggie." "Please, I can't breathe anymore!" you yell with your last breath. Troggie releases pressure on you and you wiggle out slowly. "Thanks," you say. Then you here someone coming down the hall. " Quickly hide behind my foot," Troggie says. Then Morganna came throught the door. " You can now go," Morganna said. Troggie looked down and saw that you were hanging on to his foot. Troggie walked slowly back and walked into the hallway. " That was close," Troggie said. Troggie stopped and picked you up and put you on his hand. "Help me, I need to get bigger and get home," you tell Troggie. "I will try," Troggie said, " It will be hard because there isn't usually a spell to reverse being shrunk." "Why?" you asked. " Well, we capture young teens like you and shrink them, then we send them off to troll schools or even some of the schools you go to," Troggie continued," then from there trolls or people cut you open in science class while you are still alive. You hold on to Troggie real tight to make sure none of the other trolls catch you and ship you off to a school.

Written by Bill

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