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Look out!

you hear the reving of a chainsaw. then you see it. the zombie, it drops down from the celing in the security checkpiont. Right behind your comrade. he tapped the button. then, he turned around. the guy fired his machinegun, but it was too late. the chainsaw dug into the front of his neck. blood splattered on the glass, obstricting your view. the zombie let off the throttle for a few seconds allowing the man to scream, then gunned it. the blades cutting through the cry... then, nothing. You suddenly see the zombies hand on the glass, he wiped away some of the blood. your hair on the back of your neck stood on end. one thought raced through your mind. "Oh god, he can see me. then the thing rushed through the door, and straight at you. you know it is coming, unlike that poor soul in that room. you take a bead on its right temple and fire. three quick shots and it goes down. you walk to the control room. side arm, and flashlight both drawn. what you see is horrid. the bloody corpse of that man was on the floor. there was blood on the walls and floor. you see his head not very far from the body. you step around the body and shut down the lockdown. the door is still malfunctioning. but now the door you just went through begins to short circuit too. a strange symbol appears on the control panel. then you hear metal bending. you look through the small spot that had been cleared and are discusted by what you see. A monster. the front was flesh and claw, the back was mechanical. it walked on all fours as if it were a bull. then, without warning, a bloody gaping hole is torn in its face. revealing a mouth of sharp fangs, it then comes over to the door and growls. it begins to bash the doot with its head. the door begins to warp and bend inward. after four hits you see it is horriby mishapen and to the piont of flying inward with the next blow. you brace yourself. but the hit doesn't come. you then hear a roar from the other side of the glass. then...The thing crashes through the glass! you dive past it, the beast hits you with it's back leg, you go sprawling.your guns fall and are kicked into the control room even farther. you hit the floor, hard. you are instantly on your feet, it turns around. and begins to come at you. you hear the chainsaw still running to your right. to your left is a way out.

Written by unit 52

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