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oh man,

startled, you watch him let go. the gushing corpse falls to the floor. in an instant you shoot the zombie in the head. you have to go back through administration. you walk to the door and go through. you then turn right down the corridor. you recognised the area. you had headed through here to get on the elevator to the "Dungeon" you decide that there is a possibility that the ship "darkstar" was still docked. but you decide against it when you remember the hordes of undead that followed your friends. you rush over and lock the door. The Z-sec Zombies never let go of their weapons, hell, you had to pry a shotgun from a dead guard. you reach the security checkpoint. this door leads to an open room. A perfect place for an ambush. If those zombies can shoot, strafe, and talk to eachother, then they can use tactics. you decide to go first, you take one man and walk through the door. then suddenly it whooshes shut. just missing your leg.the door then short circuits. leaving you cut off from your men. you are on your feet in an instant. you then see the guy you took through. he shrugged and went into the control room.you then hear a very bad sound: a chainsaw.

Written by Unit 52

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