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You've been resourceful enough to be hired.

Dorka, the witch, comes in on you while you fondle your belly. It tickles. Scared of her, you cower under your belly. "Well, well, you've survived! That is very surprising! You've... grown, too. I've been capturing any people who come by and done varying things to them. Your rudeness almost led to your death, as well as the start of your rounding out. As you kept calm and used the enviornment to save yourself, I'm ready to say... Will you accept a job here as a monster?" Not wanting to risk angering her, you accept. You'll be able to be with Jessie, too! "Um, why was there a room with food and all of this stuff?" "This is a room for our monsters who have needed a rest. For some reason, when you guys get hungry, you won't stop eating. That's the pile of food. Of course, when you eat that much, you gain more weight than Kirstie Alley, so we also have a workout room. You'll be there soon. The job is very good, good pay. All you have to do is lure in more people. Eventually, I'll let some of you free. You'll be turned back to your human form, but as a bonus, you'll be able to turn into your were-form at will. You'll love it here."

Written by Talbain

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