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2 fat werewolves vs. a stockroom of meat... FIGHT!

You and the other werewolf, each roughly the size of vending machines, begin to look for something to help you regain human form. Your rippling casing of flab gets heavy, even with unnatural strength, and after a few hours, you have to rest. You go into the first room with a door big enough to go into...

and blink. The room is laid out like a break room, with metal-reinforced sofas, a TV, an Xbox, and in one side of the room, a pile of junk food filled up to nearly the roof. Cakes, cream, cookies, chocolate drink... It's like this is where workers go on break after working. Since you haven't eaten since you got to the castle, you are starving, and though you fear more weight... it all looks so GOOD. You decide to eat some food while you rest. Loading up your arms with tons of food, you sit down on the sofa, happy that it is reinforced to support your weight, and watch some football, which is amazingly on right now. Your fellow werewolf does the same, apparently.

Hours later, you've cleared out a lot of the pile, and it shows- you have a belly the size of a coffee table, and you can't reach places as well as you could. Rufus looks like he's wider than he is tall.

Written by Talbain

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