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Tight squeeze

You quickly locate a solid looking closet, and lock him in, first removing his baggy pants. Basically, you figure, you were supposed to be eaten by the wolf, and you are now big enough to look like the wolf would when he had finished the meal. You quickly try to slide the pants on, finding they are nowhere near as baggy on you as on the wolf. It feels like trying to fit an elephant inside a small plastic bag, but somehow you manage it. Your massive belly hangs far over the line, and you doubt the rope the wolf used as a belt would fit around you, so you leave it for the time being. You examine yourself in the mirror once more.

You see the wolf, weighing a few tons heavier, staring back at you. With the hope that you may be able to pull off this charade, you start to waddle down the hallway.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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