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Seeing your chance to possably save yourself, you charge at the werewolf ... or try to, at least. You do not tire, but the larger size of your legs and stomach cause much resistance. Still, you pick up enough speed to launch yourself into the air, and come down on the werewolf, who turns at the last second to look at you. You savor the look in his eyes, which become huge and round. You think you hear an "Oh..." and then a loud 'plop', and the werewolf vanishes beneath you.

When you get up, you find the werewolf splayed out and out cold. You decide to tie him up and gag him, using the magical rope that the witch had so kindly given to you (hey, if it could pull your weight, it should easily hold a werewolf), and hide the body. You drag him through the hallway, searching for a closet or trunk, or something. Suddenly you come across a mirror. You don't like what you see, namely yourself, a werewolf waddling through the hallway, carrying the equivalent of a herd of cattle on his body. Then something catches your eye. You examine the werewolf you knocked out, then look at your own obese features. You look nearly identical, the only difference being you weigh a ton more than he does, and the fact that he is wearing a pair of old and baggy torn pants. A sneaky idea comes to mind ...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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