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Dusty Problems

"Could you dig my head out first?" he asks. "It's rather stuffy in here, and nothing attracts dust like a horde."

You climb up the horde until you're roughly above where the dragons voice is coming from and start digging. Before long, you manage to remove all the treasure from in front of the dragons face. He thanks you, and you start climbing up to get the treasure off the top of his head.

Before you get to the top, however, the treasure beneath you starts to give way, and both you and it end up in a heap in front of Firestarter's snout, kicking up a dust cloud in the process. Looking around, you realise that the treasure has fallen in such a way that you are now trapped between unclimbable mounds of treasure.

You turn to Firestarter, and see that his eyes are half-closed and watering. You then realise that you just caused a dust cloud in front of a dragon's nose.


If he sneezes now, you'll be blown away!

Written by Chikara

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