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You move the armour, and the dragon stops giggling after a few minutes.

"Er, hello?" you call to him.

"Huh? Is someone there?" he replies. You say yes and introduce yourself.

"Ah, greetings," says the dragon. "I'm," he makes a growling, roaring sound which you realise must be his name in dragon-speak, "but most humans call me Firestarter. I'd offer to shake hands, but I'm a little, um, occupied right now." You offer to help and he agrees and thanks you. You look around and spot a set of tools made entirely of gold and other precious metals. You ask firestarter about them.

"Oh, those were a gift from a village of craftsmen. I ate the bandits that kept stealing their wares on their way to market in the city," he tells you.

You pick up a shovel apparently made from platinum and ask the dragon where you should start digging.

Written by Chikara

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