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Peter the glouton...and his reflection...

All night you're dreaming about the leprecon's last words. When you wake up, you take a quick look at yourself and see that you're fine. Later, you and everyone else go back to work.

At night, everybody comes back and eats diner. While you're eating, you notice Peter, who's eating like a pig. Then you realise that he's gained all the weight that you made him loose last night and more, like 400 pounds or something! After diner, you take a shower and go to bed. You offer the top bunk to Peter not to turn fat again. Your leprecon is still trying to tell you what he tried to say yesterday, but you're stil not listenning.

In the morning, you fel tired, slow, heavy... You get out of bed and feel extremely uncomfortable in your PJs. You don't really pay much attention to that because you're still sleepy. You rub your huge belly and and scratch your big fat ass. You brush your teeth, wach your blubberry face and hands and then try to dress up. Yo put on your shirt, only to see that it practically can't fit, and your pants can't seem to cover that huge tank sized ass of yours very well. Then, you look at the time, it's still 7am. You don't start working until 9. So you go back to sleep, hugging your huge Peter-sized belly and scratching your Peter-sized ass.

"Huh..." you think to yourself "Since when am I so soft and comfortable...and heavy...and tired...and slow................. What???" You run back to the bathroom, very slowly, and look at yourself in horor. Your fat... again, but this time, your fatter. you go on scale and it says 450 pounds. You yell for your leprecon and see him pouf infront of you.

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