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In the end, it's see you later spiders!

The dragon finally cools off, only to have her fat, soft, blubbery belly tickled more by the spiders. The Spider-Queen tells you as the ticklish dragon laughs: "Mind you, we will not kill this very corpulent reptile, as we only want her gold. But if you do anything to interfere with our fun, once human, now spider, we will off you so nastily you'll wish you never came here." All of a sudden, you know that these spiders have had their sorry existence on this planet long enough. It's time to call the exterminator-YOU. You turn into a brown recluse spider(they poison is more powerful than that of a cobra)and say: "From now on, that dragon is my pet. I think you know what Brown Recluse spiders do to tickle spiders." The Spider King says: "Never! Get him, my men!" But you just bite them all, including the king and queen. Now, this is PG rated, so we do not see them die. They just run off out of sight, and you all know what's next. Anyway, you are given gushing thanks by the now salvated dragon, and that's cool. But just before she picks up her gold and flies home, you can resist the terrible urge to tickle her first on the belly, then that very sensitive place. Hilarious.

Written by Alex K

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