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Tricked into a tickle!

Your stomach rumbles, but nothing seems to happen. You watch the poor dragon squirm helplessly as the spiders walk all over her body. You take a step forward only to have the King Spider say, "Try and help her and you will be punished severly, human!" You gaze into the spiders eight eyes. "Come! Help us with the torture!"

You suddenly find your fingers moving rapidly along the dragon's side. She struggles to laugh, but is once again bound by the spider's webbing. And what's this? You're enjoying it! So much, that you move towards her tail and tickle her where it twitches most, and then to her pits which cause the strong webbing to break, and then finally the feet of the dragon.

The dragon is in hysterical fits of laughter as you once were, with tears coming out in every direction. Then you feel legs growing out of your sides, and you start to shrink, and you seem to be able to see both ways...

Oh no! You've turned into a were-spider of tickle torture!

Written by an anonymous author

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