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You wake up the next mourning. you feel diffrent. You sit up, and a button pops off your shirt. "huh?" you say. You look down. Your stomach is even bigger! You get out of the bed as fast as you can. Your stomach sags lower then it did last night, making an apron around your thighs. You go to the bathroom and get on the scale. It sky rockets to 427! What! You nearly yell. The leprechaun appears again. "hiya laddie! You like your wish?"

"I didn't wish for this!" you say grabbing a fold of flab, makin more buttons fly off your shirt, all the buttons fall off exposing your chest and stomach. Your manly boobs are resting on your large stomach.

"When you made tha wish to be on tha top bunk, you said that only fat gents get it, so I made ya a fat gent!"

"What about the wish that I was back to my normal weight?"

"When I made ya larger, I did ya a favor and changed your history so ya've always been fat. And You gained another 50 because in your past, ya've just lost 50. So I changed ya back to ya normal weight!" He laughs maniacly dancing around.

"when I get my hands on you!" you scream and lunge at him. Do you catch him? or not?

Written by King Kong

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