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Human again.

You decide that you don't really want to be a wolf anymore, so you make a wish. I wish I was back in my human form. Your fur dissapears and your tail shrinks back into your skin while your muzzle melts away. Your soon back to being a human.

You head outside to find the archolgical team outside waiting for you. Looks like you got here a little early. They've already found a place to stay, so you follow them to the house they rented. It's an old fashiond house, and all the beds are bunk beds. You and the rest of the guys talk for a while before going to bed.

You have to share a bunk with Peter, a really large guy, with a hundred pounds to many. He gets in the top bunk while you get on the bottom. The mattress sags underneath peters weight. "Why is it that the fat guys always get the top bunk" you say to yourself. "I wish I had the top bunk." suddenly, peter gets of the top bunk and on the floor.

"I'm in the wrong bed, your supposed to have it." Peter says to you.

"Thanks," you say and smile at him with your chubby cheeks and multiple chins. You get on a sitting position on your bed, so your large stomach rest on your flabby thighs. It jiggles when you stand up. Wait, chubby cheeks, multiple chind? Large stomach, flabby thighs! You look down in horror. Your fat! You look over at peter, he's skinny! Just like you were a minuet ago! As calmly as you can, you walk over to the bathroom. You look in the mirror in disgust. Your large belly jiggles when you walk, you have hardly any neck at all. Your cloaths seem to have changed with you. Thier bigger, and more roomier. You step on the scale, it read 378lbs. Your a tub of Lard! You quickly get back to your bed, wich is now the top bunk. The mattress sags beaneath you, threating to fall.

"I wish I was back to my original weight." You say. Nothing happens. You curse. You can do nothing now, so you go to sleep and wait for tomorrow.

Written by Writerboy

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