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It would seem that we are at a social fox paws.

The werewolf sighs heavily. "Well, I'll just see if I can take an arm or a leg to tide me over while I consider adding you to the Order," it says, as it leers over you, checking over your body for the choicest part. Why can't it just order takeout?!, you think madly to yourself, when the wolf's face becomes the epicenter for a rain of water balloons.

Then you see a flash of red in front of you, quickly recognizing a kitsune's visage, seeming to have materialized within a microsecond of the blur. "Can't have this, not yet! Not while *I* have you! This three-tail will show the others..." she mumbles, waving you to your feet with upwards movements of her hands...paws?

Written by Hypogryph (edited by wanderer)

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