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You let go of the camera and take a few steps back, then fall over backwards as you trip over your shoe laces. You draw your leg up, rising as fast as you can ... unfortunately, it isn't fast enough. A huge, clawed foot steps onto your chest and effortlessly pushes you back down. You try to push yourself up, or at least get out from the huge foot (which almost completely covers your chest), but to no avail. The werewolf simply looks down at you with a grin.

He leans down, his snout just a few inches away from your face. His mouth slowly opens and you turn you head away.

This is it, you think to yourself, he's going to bite my head off!

Instead, you feel something very long and very wet run across your face. Opening your eyes, you see his tongue leave your face. He licks his lips lightly as he crosses an arm across his chest, and brings the other one up to rub his chin as he smirks. He looks down at you with a grin.

"You definitely are werewolf material ... but I did miss lunch today. Oh, the dilema!" The wolf sais sarcasticaly as he lowers himself closer to you.

You can't bear to watch! You turn you head away and close your eyes. You just have that feeling that you're going to become lunch ... or breakfast ... or would it be dinner ... oh, who cares!?

Written by Rakeesh (edited by wanderer)

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