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The Next Morning

Swifter in your new form, you easily escape down the corridor and reach the courtyard in no time. Deciding that you may as well make the best of things, you run around like a maniac and even befriend a few stray dogs in the process. Who said that werewolves have to frighten other animals? When sunrise comes and you return to your old self, your canine friends whimper and even follow you halfway back to the hotel. After giving each of them (and yourself) a good scratch behind the ears, you head for a side entrance and try to enter casually when someone takes out the refuse.

Barefoot and muddy, you attract more attention than you would like. One person, mistaking you for a rock star, runs up to you and asks for your autograph before discovering his error and skulking away. After an eternity, you reach the door of your suite and knock. "The door's unlocked," snaps Heather. Ducking inside, you wonder which would be worse: a lecture or the silent treatment.

Written by Joey Liverwurst

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