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What a Diff'rence a Generation Makes

Hopeful, you face the elder leprechaun. "I wished to become a werewolf," you lament, "but I never anticipated anything like this." Wistfully rubbing your paunch, you intend to reconsider your wish, but the entity before you catches you off guard with a snap of his nimble fingers.

"Is this better?" he asks, and you immediately return to your old self. You are happy but confused.

"Why am I back to normal?" you ask.

The elder leprechaun gives you a look that any other time would seem patronising. "Moonrise is not for another hour," he explains. "Be forewarned, though: leprechaun magic lasts only as long as the day on which it was performed. Tomorrow, unless you can find a loophole unknown to me, all will be as it was before."

Written by Joey Liverwurst

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