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Daddy's Home

the two of you no longer are alone. Off to the side, an older, slightly larger leprechaun stands glaring in your direction. "How dare you?" he asks, cryptically.

You hem and haw, but the older, slightly larger leprechaun ignores you for the time being. "As your father, I ordered you to abuse neither tourists nor your magic-making abilities. Well, it appears that you have done both."

The younger, smaller leprechaun did a good job of acting scared earlier, but now, he clearly is terrified. "We just were playing," he sputters, prompting a snarl from you.

"Poppycock!" thunders his father. "I hope that twenty years as a mouse teaches you never to disobey me again!" He snaps his fingers, and the younger, smaller leprechaun instantly becomes a tiny green-eyed mouse, the pipe still hanging from his mouth. You fear a more hideous fate for you, but happily, your streak of bad luck has ended.

The only remaining leprechaun tips his hat to you in apology. "Kids today!" he laments. "Now, what were your three wishes? I promise to do a better job with them."

Written by Joey Liverwurst

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