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Threaten them

"Yoda and Gandalf, you WILL fight one another . . . NOW!!!!" you shout through the public address system.

Gandalf points his staff toward you. "I'll not respond to threats gladly," he warns. "I sense no evil in this creature before me. Why should I kill him?"

"Because if you don't, I'll destroy the Shire!" you retort maniacally. "And Master Yoda, if you want to see your precious Jedi temple and Senate chambers on Coruscant remain in one piece, you'd better do as I say."

You do not know for certain if you truly have the power to carry out your threats. You hope that the Jedi master and the White Wizard do not call your bluff.

Yoda points his ears downward and hangs his head grimly. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and sighs. "Very well," he says. "No choice you leave me. Fight I must."

Gandalf turns his staff away from you and toward Yoda. With an invisible wave of magic, Gandalf sends Yoda sprawling to the ground.

"The battle has begun!" you triumphantly announce through the public address system. The crowd cheers wildly. Some of the fans start chanting Yoda's name, while others root for Gandalf.

Picking himself up slowly and spitting dirt out of his mouth, Yoda stares in Gandalf's direction with solemn determination. With concentration honed by hundreds of years of training, he gets a Force grip on Gandalf's staff and pulls hard. The staff breaks loose of Gandalf's grasp momentarily. However, the White Wizard, who possesses quick reflexes in spite of his advanced age, dives and is able to grab the very end of the staff before it flies out of his reach. A ball of light forms at the tip of the staff, temporarily blinding Yoda. The Force grip on the staff relaxes.

"At first glance, creature, you remind me of the monsters plaguing Middle Earth from the realm of Mordor," Gandalf says. "But I sense no hostility in you. Only . . . peace. Calmness."

"I sense the same in you," Yoda concurs. "But . . . end this combat we must not, or endanger our homes we will."

A constricted feeling starts to form in Gandalf's throat. Yoda has a Force choke hold on him!

Written by Mace Windu

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