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Time for Yoda and Gandalf to fight . . . or is it?

"I would like to see Yoda from the prequels take on Gandalf the White," you tell the computer. "Yoda can have his cane, and Gandalf can have his staff. However, no other weapons will be made available to either of them."

"As you wish, sir," the computer obediently responds. There is a flash of energy in the middle of the combat arena, and suddenly Yoda and Gandalf are standing there looking bewildered. The mostly nonhuman crowd cheers wildly!

"Coruscant this is not," Yoda muses in his gruff voice. "Brought here against my will, I have been."

"What manner of sorcery is this?" Gandalf demands. He turns and stares hard at Yoda. "And what are you, creature? A new breed of orc?"

"Orc? Know nothing of orcs do I," Yoda replies. He squints at Gandalf. "I sense great power in you."

Up on your balcony, you grow impatient. The audience boos. You switch on the public address system. "Yoda and Gandalf, you have been brought here to do battle with one another until only one of you is left standing. You will begin combat at once!"

Yoda and Gandalf turn to look in the direction of of where you are standing. You were expecting them to immediately turn on one another when you brought them here. Things are not quite going according to plan, however. How am I going to convince these two to fight one another?, you wonder.

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