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The new you

You awaken, feeling far to fat to be true. You move your arms, which have also gotten fat, but they are not as huge as your belly, or your tail. You can barly breath thought, and you realize that all of your scales are gone. You also realise thet you are not inside anymore.

You are sitting/laying in the middle of a large pool of water. You can feel the water move around you, creating the most wonderful sensations on your belly. You can also tell that you can move, as the water is helping hold up your huge belly. It still wraps around your legs and arms, though.

You struggle to your feet. as you look around, you can tell that you have been out of it for a while. Drake appears to have dragged you outside while you where out cold, and put you in the small lake outside of the castle. You look into the warter at your reflection , and you realise that your legs are now locked in a position and that they have grown your lower and upper legs together in a position that makes your belly hit the gound, but still leaves a couple of inches between the point where your tail starts, and your feet, and both are about 2/3 as fat as your belly. Your scales have grown back, but more durable and flexible, Blue tinted and in a diffrent pattren, one that makes it easier to move. The new pattren is simpler, with two rows of thick 12 vertical scales covering your belly, 1 huge, extremly flexiable plate covering your head, back, and sides untill it reaches your hips. at this point you have 1 flexibale scale covering each your legs, and one on your feet, which are wider, and have only 2 claws and toes. Your tail is covered by one plate on top, and has the rows from your belly contiued on the bottom. Your arms structure remains the same, but the scailes are simpler with only three plates on the sholder, upper and lower arm. Your paws are covered by the same plate as your lower arm. Your neck has dissapeared, and your head now sits squarly on your sholders. One large fin has grown from the top of your head and stops down between your sholders, While two smaller fins have come out of the side of your head about the place where human ears would be. Your cubby jaw is larger, being about hafe of your head. And to top it all off, you have two giant fins where your wings used to be. You also realise that every one of those plates feels stuff 100 times as well as your old scales. It as keeps on giving you the same, powerful feeling as what your under skin gave you.

Ok, you think, Im a water dragon now. You look around again, and spot a hose running to a water tower. Funny, that definatly wasnt there before. Is your thought. then you spot the huge quantitys of ubber mass tanks on the ground, most of them open, and many rusted to peices. "Ohhhhhhh, this isnt good...." you murmur to your self. You look down again to see that you are not standing on the lake beed, as you first thought. You are standing on Your humongous belly! From the looks of things, Drake had been fattening you up using the water tower and all this uber mass. and by the looks of things, he had been doing this for a couple of years.

You look at the castle and realise that Drake had modified it. The once small coridors are now huge from the look of it, and the rooms have been expanded, by the looks of the piles of rubble on the ground, right outside the castle.

You flick your tail, and are rewarded with your sudden movment to the shore behind you. You legs seem to swell now that your out of the water, and at the same time, your belly shrinks. Your body seems to have also addapted to your fattening, so your legs are each always 2/3 as fat as your belly, and your fat is always nice and rubbery, even throught the scales you can feel it. Your scales themself appear to be full of fat. Your belly is still huge, and buldges about 120 feet in front of you, and your legs each buldge 80 feet on each side of you. But you can still walk. You notice the huge pile of unopened ubbermass tanks beside the water tower, and wonder why Drake didn't fatten you up more.

Where is Drake? you suddenly wonder.

Written by Fat lover

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