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Man, This is happening far to often!

You once again awaken to the sight of your belly buldging over your head, almost covering your nostrils. Your scales have finaly taken to much abuse and some have cracked, due to the presure that all of your fat is putting on them. Your softer, fleshy, underskin is streched tight, and is very red were it is visable under the cracks and gaps in the scales. All of the visable skin is also very sensitive. The very air moving around you causes it to feel very strange. Movment at this point seems very much impossible.

You attempt to move, but all that you manage to do is make your belly wobble, shaking off more scales. You groan. You are stuck under all your fat, and you cant figure out how to do anything with out disturbing the last few scales balanced on your stomach. You realy hope that dragons can regrow there scales, as, if you cant, Its going to be a very bad life for you.

You feel a poke on your belly. It sends the weirdest sensations down your spine and across the extesive flab. You then feel something pressing and then crawling up your enormous flab. It feels big, but its small compared to you.it reaches the top, and you can feel it hugging you. It feels strange, but very comfortable. Drakes head suddenly pops into view.

"Man, you are fat!" He exclaimes, his breath on your face. This feels very weird. "yeah, Im fat, but I cant move!" you exclaim, annoyed over how happy he seems to be about that fact. "So," He says confused. "What do you mean, so?" He looks at you, stunned. "I want to be that big!" he says. "Well, then! Take those barreles in the back outside, and then chug them!"

You feel Drake move over your belly, hugging you tightly all the way there. Then after a breif brake in this, you feel him moving the other way, carrying something, as he isnt hugging you. he stops at your head again. His head pops over your flab. "This stuff, Right?" He asks, The barrel in question visible near his head. You nodd.

This causes your belly to shake, and the barrel slips and opens, pouring its contents in your mouth, which you had unfortiatly opend to say something that wasnt exactly pleasent.

Drake, seeing this, receeds, and you can feel him drinking the contents of the other barrels.

You once again fall asleep.

Written by Fat lover

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