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You remember that you were getting ready to go somewhere . . . .

The leprechaun enters the room and sees you crumpled in a heap on the floor. You are so confused. Your physical senses and half of your mind tell you that you are a woman, while the other half of your mind reminds you that you were a man until recently.

"Tsk, tsk," the leprechaun taunts. "Ye should've been prepared fer consequences when ye made yer wishes, lass."

The leprechaun vanishes, leaving you to fend for yourself. After over a half hour of struggling with your own mind, you get up slowly, still feeling confused but managing to fight through it . . . for now.

"I'm going insane," you think to yourself. "I never should've wished for anything."

Just then, you remember that you were getting ready to go somewhere . . . to serve food and drinks at a restaurant? "Oh, great," you grumble. "I'm late for work!"

Hmmm . . . where DO you work and what do you wear at your job? And do you have anything to wear to work? You certainly can't go in the men's clothing you found in that dresser drawer. You seem to remember having a uniform of some sort . . . .

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