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Still a Bunny...

The wolf and you decide to find Pete's girlfriend.

The two of you search the streets for hours. You finally decide to go home and rest and take up the search again tomorrow. When...

Fred (the wolf) says, "There she is!"

The two of you run up to her and say at the same time, "You have to change us back to normal."

She says, "Like okay... I'll try... ummm like come with me or something."

You look at Fred. He just shrugs and the two of you follow her into her house.

She quickly reads a few books and says to Fred, "Here, eat this!" She hands him something and you watch him slowly transform back to a man after he eats it.

Relieved, he says, "Thank you, thank you! Can you help my friend?"

She says to Fred, "I can help him... you go in the bathroom and get cleaned up."

Fred leaves.

The girl and you are alone now. She says, "Now lets see what I can do for you..."

That's when...

Written by Smokie (with minor edits by Phaedrus)

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