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A bunny, of sorts...

You feel your bunny body stretching, returning to human form. Yes! you think. Finally this damn thing is wearing off. You want to weep with joy as your legs elongate, your arms stretch and you begin to be able to stand upright once again.

Soon, however, you realize that something is wrong. Not all of your human features are returning, and some of the ones that do return, come back altered. Fluffy bunny fur is receding in some places, growing in others. You stand up, naked, and stretch. To your horror you realize that stuck on the end of your shapely legs are two huge rabbit feet. White fur sprouts out of your feet and legs, thickening on the outside of your legs and thinning on the inside. The hair sprouting out of your pubic triangle is the same thick white. Reaching behind, you can feel a fluffy white rabbit tail at the base of your spine.

Your abdomen remains bare of fur, but your sides and back still are covered with white fur. The fur trickles across your torso and onto your breasts, which have inflated in size to three times as large as they were before - and they were pretty large before. Your hair, which had formerly been jet black, is now as white as your fur, and your ears are now long and swively, like a rabbit's. Your nose twitches, turned upwards like a cute little bunny's.

You look into a nearby mirror, horrified that the change back was only partial. You look like a Bunny - a tall, curvaceous, Playboy bunny, mixed with the real thing!

Written by Finny Fiona

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