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Christina's Room

Britney is ahead of you, running and giggling as she heads for Christina's room. It's a huge, bright pink room full of stuffed animals, ballerina posters, pink furniture, and dolls. Lots and lots of dolls. Some are your typical Barbie doll, but there are also rag dolls, china dolls, and you wonder if this is where you'll wind up next.

You see there to find her bending over, peering under the huge, four-post bed. You can see her underwear, and a little bit of wetness. She stands up and turns around to meet you.

"She's not under the bed!" says Britney, giggling.

"Okay... I'll check the closet, you go check those curtains!" you say. You giggle again as you step daintily up to the closet and after a moment, throw open the doors. Instantly you spot Christina, and she grabs your arm and pulls you inside. The door slams shut after you.

"You found me, dolly... you're good at hide and seek. Now you get a reward," says Christina, who pulls you into a kiss. Your eyes roll back and close as you are overcome by what Christina is doing to you. You can barely move your limbs until suddenly you feel Christina's hand reach up under your petti's and grab you, making you squal in surprise and pleasure. After a moment, she lets go, and pushes the closet doors open again.

"Missy found me, Britney!" says Christina. You emerge from the closet flushed, and feeling very aroused, but all you can do is smile and, still, giggle like a little girl. What else could possibly happen?

Written by Anon

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