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Getting caught!

You can't resist, you reach out and feel under Britney's skirt, and touch her nylon-encased leg. She gasps, and turns around sharply, and gives you a look. But after about a second, you both smile and giggle and she playfully grabs your skirt, lifting it up, exposing your legs and underwear. You gaps and grab your petticoats back, giggling still like a schoolgirl. But now you have to get her back. You smile wickedly and grab her boobs through the dress, and she gasps loudly, and then smiles wickedly back at you. She pulls you close suddenly, and in the enclosed space full of silky girliness, you and Britney kiss again, your skirts pressed together, your smooth legs slipping together, both of you smiling like a pair of braindead bimbo's. After a moment, she pulls back, and you two giggle at your naughtiness.

"Ah ha!" says a voice suddenly, and your cover is pulled away. There is Christina, holding the racks of girly dresses aside and looking at you two, caught in a giddy embrace. "Are my dollies playing with each other?"

"I couldn't help it," said Britney. "Missy here just looks so cute..." She stopped and frowned a moment, remembering briefly who she was.

"My dollies like to play with each other," said Christina, and suddenly Britney's look of confusion vanished. "But not toooo much... You have to be good little dollies. Okay, now you two are it, and you have to find me! Start counting!"

You and Britney both turn around and start counting slowly, just like you did in kindergarten. You hear Christina running away in her own platforms, and climb down the ladder. You both get to twenty, and turn around, almost robotically.

"Where do you think she's hiding?" you ask Britney.

"I don't know... but maybe this is our chance to escape..." she says, slowly, and getting a confusing frown on her face again. You get one as well, the thought of escaping seems to be a foreign one to you both. Part of you wants to escape so badly that your mind screams it, but the rest of you, the part under the spell and under control, tells you to go find Christina, because those are the rules.

"Maybe she's hiding in her bedroom!" you say suddenly, and Britney brightens up.

"Yeah! Let's go look there!" You giggle and start climbing down the ladder. Britney goes first, and you can see her cleavage exposed by the low neckline of the dolly dress, and she looks up, now able to see up your dress and petticoats. Your new body pulses, and the adrenaline and giddyness aren't helping you control yourself. But you have to find Christina. Those are the rules.

Written by Anon

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