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A man for the occasion?

"But I am, or rather, I was a man" you tell the old man.

He looks a little surprised, but then something clicks in his mind as he realises that you are telling the truth about your former self.

"It may be that this was meant to be" he starts.

"There is a great logic in having a beautiful woman, with a body to lull them in to a false sense of security, but who has a warriors strength" he continues.

At this point you look troubled and he stops. You explain that you weren't a warrior, and in fact sold brushed door to door.

The old man slumped as his plans fell apart.

Just then another fearful scream echoed through the cave.

A fearsome axe-wielding warrior with two heads entered that cave, and with his axe sliced the old man into twenty pieces as you hide shaking behind a rock.

Written by Karen Ford

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