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Get me the hell out of here.

You look up to see the creature feasting in the remains of the old man. You shriek and take off running, the robe flapping as you go. As you get to the cave opening it disappears and you think, "Maybe you can only leave here through magical means?"

So you decide to go another way. Running still from the beast but it doesn't seem to be pursuing you. You slow down eventually, noticeing a torch and then remember the sword you had taken has disappeared but you were sure it was in your hand the whole time. You look down at your hand and notice that it's covered in a rubbery glove. Looking further you see that it goes up your arm and further to you shoulder. You remove the robe to find that it is all over your body right up to your neck. A bright white color.

You think, "I wonder if this is the sword?"

"Indeed I was the sword.", You hear a voice in your head. It's a womans voice, powerful and demanding.

"Who are you?"

"I am..."

Written by Top Heavy

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