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A fight to remember

... and you must do something. However odd things have gotten, you know that both of them are lying - you could sense that even before this "Yoshi" character called them liars. And so, as the two princes grapple on the floor, Petros suddenly performs a cowardly trick - he blasts his brother with a magical spell and slits his throat. Not even the greatest healer of all time could save the poor guy - and now Petros has his eye on you. Yoshi is standing still, his face solemn, but his eyes looking very angry. "Now to reclaim my prize," sneers Petro. You know he is strong, and possibly even magical, judging by his regenerative ability. But you are still powerful, despite your fragile appearance, and you lunge at him, smashing his jaw into nothingness, kicking his testicles, and then snapping his neck. "B... u... t... My... Lady... ?" Petros manages to cough. "YOUR lady?! You raped me and I was forced to run! You may go to Hell!", you scream, and throw his prone body out of the window. Now both Princes are dead, and Yoshi comes toward you...

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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