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Put the pedal to the metal

"Sorry, buddy" you say as the truck rolls to a stop. "Where were you headed? I'll explain what happened on the way." Using his new tail to scratch in the dirt by the side of the road, the truck driver/kangaroo writes the destination "Phoenix, AZ". You both hop back in the truck and you shout "Let's get this show on the road!" which is weird because you never would have said that before you turned into a trucker. You're zipping along at 150 miles/hour while explaining the story to your driving buddy when you look over into the rearview mirror and see blinking red lights. "Oh, dagnabbit!" you exclaim as you pull over to the side. "Just when we was gittin' along real fast-like! I'm 'bout fit to be tied!" The kangaroo looks scared as the highway patrolman approaches the cab of the truck.

Written by Will Shakeyspear

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