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Inside the cabin...

With your last ounce of energy, you sprint up to the cabin with all your might. You run so fast, in fact, that you bounce off the door instead of stopping! You quickly get your wits about you and get inside, slamming the door shut behind you with a solid THUD of heavy wood ... followed, almost silently, by the gentle sound of the door locking automatically. You're locked in!

For the moment, though, you simply don't care. The run and the distance have taken everything you have, and right now if a demon from the underworld was behind you, you'd still stop to catch your breath!

After a few minutes of deep breathing, the vise in your neck loosens a little. At least enough to make you care about where you are. Still panting, you stand to a crouch and take a look around.

Your muscles, still spasming from all the work they've been doing, are to weak to let you stand all the way up. You feel like a hunchback slumped over like this, but it's enough to see what is in the room with you. It's definetly a man's cabin, you think to yourself with a churning stomach. Or at least a hunter's.

Around the room are heads of animals that have been stuffed and mounted. Even the classic bear skin rug is here, spread out in the middle of the floor as though some grizzly just stepped out of it for a walk. The furniture even seems to be hand carved out of wood, lending the cabin the air of an old wilderness lodge out of some travelogue.

You scan the room for smaller details and see a half smoked cigar lying in an ashtray made from a whole animal skull. Okay, you think, maybe coming into this guy's cabin wasn't so safe after all.

"A sudden, rapid pounding at the door startles you fully upright, your abused joints protesting at every move. While you were investigating your hidey-hole, you'd almost forgotten about the psycho you were using it to hide from. It sounds like he's about to pound the door down!

Written by Wolf ripper (edited by wanderer)

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