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Steady as she goes

You stand dumbfounded for a few seconds. Then, inspiration hits you. What better time than the present? You lower your head and look deep into his eyes. Slowly, you slink towards him. You pout your lips and puff your chest out as you draw closer. You're a girl, you can do that, and hey, it's sorta fun! You're practically pressed right up against him, and then, POW! You kick his left ankle sideways and with so much force that he goes to the ground, and without looking back, you run off into the brush. Now Richard isn't in the best of shape, mind you, but such passionate fury drives him to spring to his feet and dart after you. You keep running, figuring you're safe ... until you hear the footsteps pounding on the ground behind you. Without thinking, you stop and look.

Seeing Richard's vengeful visage heading straight for you, you shuck your high heels and sprint like crazy! The wet branches smack you and scratch your face as you run for your very life. You're not used to your delicate female skin, and soon the scratches begin to sting horribly. As you run, you touch one of the scratches on your cheek; and you look at your finger, and you see blood. But you keep running. You hear Richard gaining on you, shouting incoherent cries of insane fury. Your lungs begin to burn and your leg muscles to ache as you hurdle for all you're worth. Then, just as you feel you're going to collapse and submit, you see a small cabin a little off to the right. If you stop there, there may be someone to help you! But what if nobody lives there?

Written by AnchoristBunny (edited by wanderer)

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