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Going Home

You wake up in your car at night in momentary confusion at still being a female red kangaroo. The scent of the 'roo that changed you clings to your fur as you lick yourself clean, giving you the desire to be with him again.

You are more concerned for getting home before anyone sees you and trys to capture you, which you are suprised hasn't happened yet. The highway is strangely empty as you try to squeeze behind the wheel, but there is no way you can fit and still be able to drive.

Clinbing out of the car, you decide to hop home. Clumsily at first, you hop faster, clearing obsticales you couldn't have dreamed of jumping. You start seeing other kangaroos, along with the occasional group of humans trying to hide from the roos. you hop up to the back door of your parents, trying to figure out how to explain all this without them having a stroke or something.

Steeling yourself, you prepare how to explain to your mom how she suddenly has a furry daughter in place of a son...a daughter who got pregnant in her first hour, at that.

...the door opens...aaaand...

Written by BOSS HOSS

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