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Kumquats cannot cry

kumquats cannot cry. You feel utterly miserable and cry to yourself, "why, oh why a kumquat? The most misunderstood fruit in the supermarket! No one loves a kumquat! No one even knows what one IS!" You while away days in the bin, watching happy shoppers pick up bags of apples, oranges, tangerines, even jalepeno peppers. Your skin begins to wrinkle and you know it is hopeless. You are starting to be doomed to the garbage disposal. One day a small child stops by your bin and picks you up! "Mommy!", he cries, "Look! It's a little orange! Can I have this? Can I have this huh???". The mother leans over to look, "if you want that fine but like I told you on the way in here, you can only have ONE thing". "Its ok mommy! I want the baby orange!",the little boy smiles. So you get tossed in the cart with an unceremonial thump. As you are leaving the store, the boy grabs you and puts you in his pocket.

Written by Sue

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