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Walking through the mall in your pink poufy dress

You and Britney in your petticoated pink dresses and Christina in her petticoated white skirt find yourselves drawing some attention at the mall. Some people give you odd looks. You notice several men checking you out as you go by them. There must be hundreds of people in this mall! If there has ever been a more embarrassing moment in your life, you cannot think of it right now.

Christina smiles and moves closer to your left ear. She whispers, "Hey, at least I`m taking you through here in the body of a woman. Mistress Laurie or I could have dressed you up like this while still in your male body." Admittedly, you are grateful for that, at least.

Christina decides to stop at a jewelry store first. "This way, ladies," she says to you and Britney, motioning for you to follow her.

Inside the store, you get more stares. As you walk up to one of the glass cases holding several different types of rings, you keep your hands close to your sides in an effort to control the bounciness of your skirt and pettis. In this short dress, however, it is difficult to keep your frilly panties properly covered.

A blonde-haired young girl, maybe around 12 years old, walks up to you. "I like your dress," she says. She runs a hand over your skirt and plays with the petticoat for a moment before continuing to talk. "I used to have a dress sort of like this when I was a little girl. I used to pretend to be a princess." She smiles.

"Th-thank you," you reply, your embarrassment increasing. You manage to smile back at her.

"So who are you?" the girl asks with a friendly tone. "And why are you wearing a dress like this in the mall?"

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